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When we have a close call in the mountains, I believe it’s important to own our mistakes and learn from the experience. It isn’t easy to write about, but by being self-reflective and transparent and sharing the lessons learned, we all benefit and it makes our whole community more resilient. Yesterday, I unintentionally remotely triggered a D1.5 size avalanche while skiing in the Banff backcountry with @rob.lea and @confessionsofaskibum. No one was caught. I posted a note about the incident on my Facebook. You can read it via the link below or in my profile. Some takeaways:Be aware of how the presence of a camera changes risk. Communication between group members is key. Speak up if you feel uncertain. Radios are a good idea. Low danger does not equal no danger. I’m glad no one was caught and it was a good reminder early in the season to evaluate decision-making and to keep improving how I manage risk in the mountains and move through avalanche terrain.Photo: @confessionsofaskibum Check out his page for the entire sequence of the avalanche.

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