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Love in the Himalayas. Climbing Cho Oyu, with @rob.lea, my significant other, wasn’t all kisses at 21,000’. Going into the big mountains as a couple can either break you or bring you closer together. When you’re in love with your partner, it changes how you assess and manage risk. For us, our relationship dynamic tends to change our risk management in a good way. As a couple and a climbing team, we are more careful, conservative and willing to walk away when we are together. One of the things I love so much about my dynamic with Rob is that he respects my expertise, listens to my opinion and trusts my intuition in the mountains. He’s not afraid to be led by a woman. There are only a handful of people I could spend a month in a tent with, and he is at the top of that short list. That doesn’t mean there weren’t significant conflicts and challenges along the way… Come hear more! Rob and I are speaking with a handful of other local crushers at the @ascentbackcountry slideshow at the Park City Library on December 5. Link to event info below and in profile! Hope to see you there.

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