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Yesterday was Indigenous People’s Day. I know, I’m a day late (my brain is still catching up from my big trip). I wanted to take a moment to highlight some people and organizations who are showing us that Indigenous People are here, and as the original stewards of the land, have a lot to teach us about stewardship and conservation. We must listen to Native voices to create a more resilient environmental movement. I recommend following: @lennecefer @nativesoutdoors @indigenouswomenhike @mmiwhoismissing @nativewomenswilderness and @native_women_running for starters. Photo 1: navajo_in_flight on a classic climbing route on Mt. Lemmon, captured by @lennecefer. Photo 2: @brodyleven and Len on Blanca Peak. Photo 3: Len and I on a hike up Grandeur Peak. I will work on researching what tribal land I am on and try to incorporate more Native mountain names into my future posts!#MountainsAreForEveryone

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