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Expectations are not always a good thing to have, especially when climbing a big mountain. I came here to the Himalayas to find a challenge, and I am finding it. Adjusting to life at advanced base camp on Cho Oyu at 18,500’/5700m has been extremely difficult for me. I had an expectation that I would perform well on this trip, but I am feeling poorly, with headaches, nausea and a hacking cough. It’s a good reminder to take it one moment at time and not get discouraged. Part of the team went to camp 1 today and I stayed at advanced base camp to rest. Luckily, I am surrounded by a supportive team from @alpenglowexpeditions and we are taking good care of each other. Hopefully my condition will continue to improve with another day or two of rest! #adventuredoneright #chofosho

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