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After what felt like a marathon day of travel, we made it to Chengdu, China (a city home to around 14 million people, and the capitol of the Sichuan Province), had a little sleep and are awaiting our departure to Lhasa. There are few experiences in life as deeply uncomfortable as being an exhausted foreigner arriving in a country where you do not speak the language. Thank goodness for google translate and for the fine logistical support from @alpenglowexpeditions. There were some minor snafus along the way, but nothing major and morale is high after a few hours at an airport hotel. I’ve done some international trips alone and it’s a different beast (especially with ski luggage). I’m so grateful to have @rob.lea as a travel companion. When Rob and I first met four years ago, I never imagined that we would go on a trip like this together. At that point, I had written off trying to find a life partner who was also a mountaineering partner. I wanted someone who was solid at home- that I could depend on to pick me up at the airport and cook me good meals. It turns out, Rob ticked those boxes and he is a crusher in the mountains. I learned an important lesson- that sometimes, when you stop searching, it’s easier to find what you are looking for. Onward we go. I’m sure there will be many more hiccups along the way, and I’ll continue to be glad to have someone who is so patient and kind and who makes me laugh when I cry, by my side.

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