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Five years ago, I went on my first high altitude ski mountaineering trip to Ecuador to climb and ski the three highest peaks in the country. This picture was taken on the summit plateau of Chimborazo (20,549’/6263m) which is the highest I’ve ever been. It was a challenging summit day, as the mountain was covered in head high penitentes. These ice structures are gnarly to walk through, and it made our time above 20,000’ much more strenuous. I remember how fatiguing it was to do any little thing. It was even hard to talk without getting winded. To prepare for Cho Oyu, I’ve spent the last six weeks sleeping at progressively higher elevations in a @hypoxico altitude training tent. We’ve been sleeping over 17,000’/5181m for the past few nights, all in the comfort of our own home. I’m gratitude for the opportunity to get a head start on acclimatization and I’m eager to see how the tent training pays off. Fingers crossed we have better skiing conditions than this. Despite the snow on Chimborazo, climbing and skiing the snow capped volcanoes in Ecuador was one of my favorite trips of my lifetime. I highly recommend it. #tbt #MountainsAreForEveryone

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