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For many years, I’ve had the dream of taking my ski mountaineering to the Himalayas. Along the way, many people have told me my dreams are impossible and crazy. Yet there are a handful of people who have believed in me, supported me and said let’s figure out how to get you up and down that mountain. One of those people is @adrianballinger. He is one of the most accomplished high altitude ski mountaineers and the founder of @alpenglowexpeditions. He has given me so much beta over the years (for example, spending hours on the phone with me going over logistics before I went to the Cordillera Blanca in Peru- pictured here). When others said I was crazy, he said go for it. Adrian never judged my ability as a ski mountaineer by my size, gender or appearance. I was inspired by his rapid ascent of Cho Oyu with @emilyaharrington a few years ago, their attempt on Makalu and I’m so stoked for the opportunity to go to the Himalayas (in a few days!) with the team from Alpenglow expeditions. Someday, I’ll get to make turns with Emily and Adrian. Until then, be like Adrian and believe in people and their dreams, even if they challenge your perceptions. #AdventureDoneRight #MountainsAreForEveryone #bigmtndreams Photo: @rob.lea

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