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Eating locally produced (and organic) food is one thing I prioritize to lighten my impact on the environment. It’s not only better for the planet, it tastes better too. .A few years ago, one of my big summer projects was to convert my lawn backyard into this garden pictured here. I figured if I was using water, it might as well go to growing food. Ripping up the sod, building the planter boxes, tilling the soil, spreading the compost and mulch and planting the garden was like climbing a huge mountain in the physical effort it took. But once I ate the first cherry tomato from the vine, it was all worth it. .I’m inspired by @AlaskaAir and their commitment to reduce their environmental impact by going straw-less on all their flights. For a chance to win two Alaska Air flight vouchers to a destination of your choosing, post what you are doing to lessen your impact on the planet and tag #StrawlessSkies. #iFlyAlaska #spon.I know planting a garden isn’t going to solve the world’s environmental problems but it was my way of doing my part. Going strawless or planting a garden are two examples of actions we can take to be more responsible inhabitants of the planet.

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