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Apathy over action. I am not a perfect environmentalist. I’m far from it. Often, I forget my reusable bags. I don’t carpool or bike commute nearly as much as I should. This year, I’ll fly much more than the average American. Does that mean I should give up? Go live in a hole? No, it means I’ll do more. Personal responsibility is important and so is large scale change, from business and government. That’s why I show up and speak up at as many public hearings as I can, putting pressure on our city and state and nation to go renewable and reduce consumption. It’s why I work with brands like @patagonia who are doing everything they can to make clothing last longer, more reparable and out of recycled materials. I don’t let the guilt of imperfection get in the way of taking action, and neither should you. ️Photo: @katieboue

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