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Photo and caption by @sav.cummins: “Rosie the Riveter said ‘we can do it’ to ask women to rise up, and prove to men that we can do whatever men can do. She encouraged women to ‘not be afraid to be themselves’ while fighting for women’s rights during the 1940’s. Rosie was described as masculine, she wore men's clothes and did a mans job, however she wore lipstick to represent her feminine side. This photo of @heather_lightfoot on Split Beaver (5.10b) was inspired by Rosie the Riveter to show our appreciation for the strong, beautiful, non fictional women who are spreading the mantra that ‘we CAN do it.’———————Last week, I was in Squamish taking part in the #squamishexposed event. I was paired up with two climbers and given 48 hours to shoot photos, one day to edit hand in a slide show and present to a crowed. They’re currently running a ‘People’s Choice’ vote with one image from each photographer.” Vote for her image via the link below or in my profile:

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