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42.5 miles (68 km), 6000 ft. (1828 m) of elevation gain, 88,000 steps, $2,917 raised for the @aclu_nationwide and @together.rising to help reunite immigrant families from 62 donors.Last weekend, I finished my first ultramarathon. I cannot thank you all enough – whether you donated, sent a note of encouragement or marched in your local #familiesbelongtogether rally. It was one of the hardest endurance challenges I’ve ever undertaken. I almost quit at mile 35 when my legs were cramping and my feet were blistered. I felt propelled by your support, and by the help from @rob.lea and the folks at the aid station. Race day reminds me that we are stronger together. Positivity, kindness and compassion win the day. The best part was seeing my parents at the last mile. The road to reuniting immigrant families will be long and challenging. Make sure to keep speaking up, showing up and choosing action over apathy. #twistedforkultra

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