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It isn’t easy to talk about depression. Last spring, I went through a particularly difficult time. I had just broken up with my partner (we got back together a few months later) and I have never felt more sad and alone. I’m lucky and grateful my friends @spicinguplife and @katieboue were available to spend time with me. One day after the breakup, we hopped into Iris’s awesome van and drove south through Bryce Canyon, Grand Staircase and eventually to the Grand Canyon to run a half marathon. Being in the car for all those hours was miserable, for me and for them. I couldn’t stop crying. But I wasn’t alone. They sat with me through my pain and sorrow, never telling me to stop crying even though I’m sure that’s all they wanted. They showed up and stayed with me. It made all the difference. For that, I’m eternally grateful. Sometimes I feel like our society only wants to see us when we’re happy and energetic. I hope that sharing this story will help break the stigma of talking about depression. Life isn’t all smiles and rainbows. Sometimes it sucks. It’s ok to be a downer. The road trip didn’t cure me and magically make everything better, but it put me on the path to recovery. It’s a journey that we’re all in together. Be the kind of person who loves someone when they are at their best and their very worst. Sometimes knowing that you’re not alone can make all the difference. And don’t be afraid to ask for help. We all need help at different points in our lives. Much love to all of you. ️️️

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