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I’m grateful to have many rad, supporting men in my life. The guy who sent me that text last fall, which I reference in my previous post, has become one of them. I want to give him anonymous kudos for contacting me directly and for the positive efforts he’s made by standing up for me and talking to me openly.•That is the ultimate outcome I seek in calling out misogyny and sexism – not just to call it out, but to listen, learn and grow. I am proud of my friend for growing from this experience, and it makes me hopeful for future progress across the snow community. Some of the comments on my post disappointed me because they did more to hurt my colleague than to facilitate positive growth. We are all in this together.•When I talk about toxic masculinity, I’m not talking about men. Women often adopt the norms of masculinity in order to succeed in male-dominated workplaces. We all need to confront our biases and call ourselves out when we make mistakes. This isn’t a battle of the sexes. The mountains are for everyone.•Photo: scrambling in the Canadian Rockies with two rad men, @rob.lea and @lucas_really and the strong and feminine @alpinewithv in the middle.

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