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I want to challenge stereotypes about what a mountain athlete is and what they look like, to be an example to other women that mountaineering and backcountry skiing are for them, too. Usually, when you think of a mountaineer, you envision a large, broad-shouldered man capable of carrying heavy weight on his back. And brute strength is an important quality, but qualities typically associated with the feminine—compassion, patience, and empathy—are equally important in the mountains, the boardroom and other areas of life. Today, I stand with women everywhere who aim for equal opportunity and equal pay and for recognition and celebration of the feminine. You can be a badass and wear pink (or whatever color you’re drawn to). Today, I didn’t make it to the women’s march but I will bring the spirit with me, everyday and everywhere I go. Photo: marching on the skintrack with @stasia_art, getting some much needed time in nature to clear my mind.#womensmarch2018

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