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Happy NYE everyone and happy birthday to me! Yesterday, I ran my 1000th mile for the year, finishing my last big goal of 2017! Running started out as a passion project to mentally cope with some of the emotional distress related to my cyberstalking case. There’s something very therapeutic and soothing about the repetitive nature of the movement. While I began running as a way to escape something negative in my life, it evolved and I found intense happiness in the freedom of movement. I no longer run to escape, but to confront life and it’s challenges. I plan to bring the same attitude of joyfulness and gratitude to my 2018 projects. Thanks to all of you for the ongoing love, support and encouragement. I’m excited to hear about your 2018 #bigmtndreams and how you plan to make those goals a reality. Let’s keep moving forward one step at a time! Photo: @rob.lea

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