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You never really know what you are capable of until you put it all on the line. And when you do it for a good cause and share the experience, there’s no better feeling in the world. It’s magical. Our #100kforBearsEars Vertathon fundraiser was a smashing success. I did my biggest day ever on skis- 15,331’ of vertical and 30 miles, all powered by my own two legs (and lots of @clifbar snacks)! @rob.lea, @brodyleven and @forrestshearer did the same! And the rest of our crew crushed it. But the best part was the money we raised for the Bears Ears education center. Thank you all so much for your support and for believing in me, even when I questioned myself. All your encouragement help power me up the mountain, not just once but 9 times! @tyloted @mikefootemt @derajslc @pennnewhard @steven_gnam @fitzcahall @slukenelson @katieboue @joce_taylor @bethskis @ducttapethenbeer

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