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I'd never climbed or skied with any of the partners I went up Mt. Rainier with. I normally shy away from bigger groups (we had a party of 5) because bigger groups tend to make riskier decisions in the big mountains. This team proved my pre-conceived notions incorrect. We came together, communicating our concerns about hazards on the route before and during the climb and ski descent. Everyone had a skill set to bring to the table. We worked seamlessly as a team. I was especially impressed with @isaiahjboyle, pictured here, who's only been skiing for one year! He's been immersing himself into research about ski mountaineering as he edits an upcoming film project about me that will be coming out this fall with @ducttapethenbeer and @rei. I'm so excited we were able to spend some quality time together on the mountain! The lesson I learned from the experience with the group was not to let my fears run the show. Acknowledge them, give them a space to breath, and then be flexible and adaptive to make the best of a given situation. Grateful to the team! @scottrinck @drewtabke @mkoobtuba for rallying! #bigmtndreams

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