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116.7 miles (188 km), 14,542' (4432 m) of climbing, 4 canyons, 1 day. This Saturday, my niece, @ademonte16 and I completed the gnarliest road bike century ride I could dream of, starting in Big Cottonwood, then Little Cottonwood, onto Millcreek and finishing with Emigration to Big Mountain. It was a long day in the saddle, full of highs and lows. Anna, a former collegiate swimmer and amazing all-around endurance athlete, was up for the challenge and she crushed it on her weekend trip to visit Utah. I had my personal doubts. The challenge was relatively "off the couch" for me – I had only rode 253 miles so far this year. We paced ourselves well, stayed hydrated and ate a ton, and finished strong. I still can't believe this dream is realized. Huge thanks to everyone who cheered us on and supported us throughout the day, whether it was virtual or in person! Your encouragement carried us through the mental highs and lows that come with a grueling day like this. Photo: @irving_matthew

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