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Current mood. It's easy to share the highlights of our lives, the day we accomplish a huge goal, set a new PR, or have a big win! Likewise, it's relatively easy to share the low lows- the injuries, the blood and tears, the utter failures. It's a lot harder to talk about the in between times. The days that can best be summed up with a "meh." The difficulties in transitions. These are the days we rarely mention on social media or in society in general. It's easy to project a perfect life, and say everything is "great" when someone asks. It's a lot harder to admit that life is not perfect, and I often struggle to find the silver lining. It can take me a long time to turn a negative situation into a life affirming lesson. In times like these, I try to remember to stay connected, to community, to family and to nature. I'm grateful to all of you and the community here for being a place I can explore these thoughts. Some days, it's about putting one foot in front of the other, and focusing on taking one step at a time. Forward, onward and upward we go, together. Photo: @justinlfricke

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