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Often, when I speak up about an environmental issue on social media, people will tell me “Shut up and ski!” It can feel frustrating to feel that I'm supposed to fit into a little box. I like to have space to roam and evolve – I’m not and never have been "just a skier.” I’m a climber, runner, hiker, endurance athlete, lover of the outdoors, activist, speaker and so much more. You may have started following me because of a sweet pow shot –if you did and are still following, thank you for letting me do me. I don’t like to always follow the rules.On another note, THANK YOU to everyone who has donated to my Grand Canyon half-marathon fundraiser to support the National Parks Foundation. I reached my $1K goal in 24 hours, and I’ve upped it to $1500! The link to donate is in my profile and below. I can't wait to explore the Grand Canyon this weekend and cover some ground! #KEENambassadorPhoto: @tmacphee

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