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Bears Ears mini series 3/3: Bears Ears holds a special place in my heart because of @liz_daley. I went there after she died to celebrate her life and find healing. Anyone who has ever visited will agree; this land deserves protection. In December, it was set aside as a National Monument by President Obama after five tribes came together in an unprecedented act of leadership. Bears Ears is home to over 100,000 archaeological sites, and the land holds special historical and cultural significance for Native People. Unfortunately, the Trump administration, at the urging of Utah's elected officials, is trying to undo the Monument designation. Undoing or shrinking Bears Ears is wrong, and we need to speak up against this injustice. We have until May 26 to submit comments to the @usinterior. See the link below or in profile to find out how. #DefendBearsEars Photo: @forestwoodward

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