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I remember when I first started talking about clean air and climate change activism online – that was when I started to get a lot more online harassment. It’s easy to understand why people and companies don’t want to take a stand on these issues. But there’s a distinct difference between freedom of speech and repeated harassment or trolling with the intent to cause emotional distress.I want to continue to fight cyber bullying so that more people, especially marginalized groups, like women and people of color, can speak up and take a stand on issues that matter to them without fear of repercussions. So that we can run for public office in the future and walk through the world without constantly looking over our shoulders.What can we do? The most important thing every person can start doing today is bystander intervention. If you saw someone being harassed in real life, you would peacefully intervene. So why can’t we change the community code of conduct online? If you see a harassing comment online, call the person out. Don’t fight bullying with bullying, or harassment with harassing, but say, respectfully, that’s not cool. Fight fire with water and kill them with kindness and love. Support the person who is targeted without blaming them. Will you help me with this? Together we can create a more inclusive environment online. #stopcyberbullying Photo: @jjamesjoinerPs my hat says "Make America Deep Again."

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