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Snow pit life. For the past six days, I've been digging deep into my study of snow science, honing my avalanche forecasting skills in my @avyinstitute Level 3 course. This course is the highest level of formal avalanche training in the U.S., and gives avalanche professionals real life tools to make decisions in the "wicked environment" we work and play in. I've been studying hard, learning a ton and digging so many snow pits. This picture is a good snapshot of my life for the past week. Learning as much as I can about avalanches is a priority to me, so much that I sacrificed a week of epic powder skiing to hone my skills. It wasn't always easy to be sitting in the classroom on the bluebird powder days, but I'm grateful for all the knowledge I've gained. My favorite part about the journey of avalanche education is that there's always more to learn. I will forever be a student of the mountains, looking for truth in the layers of the snowpack. Tomorrow, I take my final exams. Wish me luck! And stay tuned… I will share some of my takeaways from the course. Photo: @louisarevalo

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