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My friend @hannahbrie2 is a rockstar. After sustaining a knee injury high on Kessler Peak this afternoon, she rode this improvised shovel sled 3000' down the mountain through 18" of powder, while @rob.lea and I tried our best to "groom" her a path out front, all while maintaining her normal, bubbly cheerfulness. Adventures in the mountains don't always go as planned, but when things go awry, I so appreciate partners who maintain a positive attitude and work together to make the best of the situation. We managed to work efficiently and swiftly as a team, and as she said, "it was still a pretty great day with wonderful company." Hannah- you inspire me, and I will strive to channel your grace and poise in everything I do. I don't think I would have held it together the way you did. You're tough as nails!

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