[Podcast] How to Be a Pro Skier and Activist With Leah Evans: Episode 10

How to Be a Pro Skier and Activist With Leah Evans: Episode 10
May 22nd, 2020

In this episode, I talk with Leah Evans about activism, skiing, allyship, meditation, and the importance of sport.

Leah Evans started Girls Do Ski in 2008 while also attending university and working to become a professional skier. Since then, her business, her ski career, and her activism have become the cornerstones of a super diverse and fascinating life.

Originally from Rossland, British Columbia, Leah has lived in Revelstoke, home of some of the most epic backcountry lines, for 12 years. In the summer, she’s an Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG) hiking guide, and in the winters she’s fully hands-on with all-women backcountry and resort skiing clinics she creates with Girls Do Ski.

Leah is a champion of wild places and was deeply involved in the Jumbo Wild project–one of a growing list of successful land protection stories–which helped protect natural grizzly habitat and Ktunaxa Nation land, from the development of a ski resort. Earlier this year, the Ktunaxa Nation, with Federal and Provincial governments, declared the Qat’muk Indigenous Protected and Conserved Area, forever protecting Jumbo.

She’s also a native seed keeper, avid reader, and volunteer with Wildsight.

“Make a decision and go for it. Don’t waste time thinking about it.”–Leah Evans

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