[Podcast] 30: Disrupting Implicit Bias in the Outdoors with the Avarna Group

30: Disrupting Implicit Bias in the Outdoors with the Avarna Group
January 18th, 2021

For episode 30 of the Caroline Gleich Show (and to honor the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.), we are releasing a special episode about disrupting implicit bias in the outdoors with the Avarna Group. 

On this episode, I sit down with Ava Holliday and Aparna Rajagopal, the founders o the Avarna Group. We take a deep dive into how we can embrace inclusivity to build resiliency for the environmental movement and create an equitable future for people and the planet. We hear the origin story, what they do now, and we share our own experiences with bias in the outdoors. We hear about their work with the Avarna Group 

About the Avarna Group:

"We envision a more resilient and connected world where all humans sustain healthy relationships with ourselves, one another, and our planet. We manifest this vision by creating pathways, providing resources, and innovating strategies that support the outdoor and environmental sector in their evolution toward justice, equity, diversity, inclusion (collectively, JEDI). Specifically, we provide this sector and its leaders with learning experiences, assessments, implementation planning, mentorship and coaching, intentional convenings, and resources. Learn more about our approach and values here.

The Avarna Group fills a gap for organizations working with fulfill their diversity, equity and inclusion efforts by supporting with resources and services to navigate through cultural change toward a more sustainable future."

Learn more and support their work: https://theavarnagroup.com/