[Podcast] Mountaineering X Running: Scaling New Heights with Ski Mountaineer Caroline Gleich

Mountaineering X Running: Scaling New Heights with Ski Mountaineer Caroline Gleich
July 30th, 2020

Welcome to Running Remixed on the Caroline Gleich Show, a special four-part series to showcase how a diverse group of athletes uses running to maximize their training and practice. We’ll hear how they live, work, train and incorporate running for about 30 minutes which is designed to accompany you while you run. Then, we’ll hear from trainer Don Saladino, one of the most respected trainers in the business. He’s trained celebrities such as Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively and Hugh Jackman. He’s created a 15 minute workout inspired by each athlete to celebrate how running remixed helps them stay fit, active and healthy to finish the show.

This series is brought to you in collaboration with On to celebrate the launch of the new Cloud X shoe. Lightweight and ultra-reactive, the Cloud X is designed to be your secret weapon for short, high-tempo runs (up to 10km) and mixed movement workouts. It features CloudTec, Swiss-engineered technology that turns impact into acceleration, expanding as you lift off for impact protection, increased propulsion, and explosive takeoffs. On was born in the Swiss mountains and is committed to sustainability and responsibility, for people and the planet.

If you order the Cloud X now, On will include a free resistance band (made in Germany by Blackroll) to maximize your running remixed workout (while stocks last).

Learn more: https://www.on-running.com/en-us/

On this episode, Caroline’s partner and husband, Rob Lea, is taking over host duties to interview Caroline Gleich. Caroline is a professional ski mountaineer, activist and endurance athlete. She’s climbed some of the highest peaks in the world including Everest, and Cho Oyu (the sixth highest peak in the world), finished ultramarathons and was the 2018 female team skimo national champion. She’s been on the covers of ski magazines and in award winning films and has testified to Congress about how climate change is impacting mountaineering, snowsports and public health.

We discuss what Caroline does as a ski mountaineer, the training and skills involved, how she makes a living as an athlete, the inspiration for her activism, some of her favorite adventure locations, what’s next on her adventure list, how mountaineering works with ADHD, how she got into running, how recovery runs unlocked her potential for longer distance running, her marathon and ultramarathon experience, how she discovered On, how the Cloud X supports her ACL recovery, her vision for her future in mountaineering, how running remixed fits into her training, how running helped her find healing from a challenging situation with a cyber stalker, progressing from running and exercising from a place of body shame to a place of running from self-love, her favorite places to run,

After the interview, we get into our body weight and banded workout with inspired by adventure athlete Caroline Gleich. If you’d like to see videos of these workouts, go to www.on-running.com/remixed.

This workout is intended to improve overall athleticism, strength, and resiliency. Repeat this circuit for 3 total rounds totaling 15 min of work.

1) Alternating lunge to upper body banded rotation 40/20

2) Lateral walks with bands 40/20

3) Body weight squats with optional bands 40/20

4) Plank walkouts 40/20

5) Banded prone pulldowns 40/20

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