[Podcast] Stoke Series: Bringing Comedy to Skiing with Katie Burrell

Stoke Series: Bringing Comedy to Skiing with Katie Burrell
April 28th, 2021

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This episode’s guest is Katie Burrell, a comedian, director, screenwriter and marketing professional from Vancouver, BC. Katie’s unique brand of “outdoor industry” comedy is in part informed by the time she has spent working in the ski industry. With a background in stand-up comedy and improv, her character driven creative skills have been seen in recent projects such as Dream Job and Influencer.

We take a deep dive into Katie’s background - where she grew up and learned how to ski and how she got into ski comedy. We talk about how she’s pioneering a new path of ski comedy and she gives me advice on how to be more funny. She shares some of her favorite tips for après skiing. You won’t want to miss this episode with the funniest woman on skis, Katie Burrell.

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