[Podcast] Decolonizing Mountains with Micheli Oliver

Decolonizing Mountains with Micheli Oliver
April 22nd, 2021
Support for the Caroline Gleich Show and stoke-fueled adventure seekers everywhere comes from Ikon Pass. From this spring to next winter, the mountains are where the stoke lives. These are the moments that, when we own them, we own them forever. On Sale Now for the 21/22 Season, From $399, discover pass options and own the stoke at: ikonpass.com Micheli Oliver is a photographer, geographer and descendant of the Niitsitapi (Niit-sit-api) Blackfeet and Shawnee peoples, based out of Eastern Shoshone and Shosone-Bannock Traditional Territories colonized as Driggs, Idaho. A strong advocate for the land, she shares photos that cultivate a mentality of inclusivity. The land and her people are what drive her forward in telling stories and uplifting Indigenous voices. Micheli works with On the Land Media and her own Photography collective, Loud Mouth Visuals, to elevate underrepresented BIPOC voices specifically in the outdoor industry. In this episode, we take a deep dive into Micheli’s first memories of being stoked on the mountain and how she got into skiing and ski photography and gives us tips about how to capture good imagery on the slopes. She shares about her Indigenous heritage and how she balances that with having some privileges of European ancestry and about honoring most the masculine and feminine forces within. We also talk about ways to decolonize snow sports and she gives us advice for people trying to get good photos while they’re on the slopes. Learn more about Micheli and follow her: https://www.instagram.com/micsteeze/ https://loudmouthvisuals.com/ Episode art photo: Bjarne Salen