[Podcast] Training, Relationships and Adventure with Rob Lea: Episode 2

Training, Relationships and Adventure with Rob Lea: Episode 2
March 23rd, 2020

In 2019, Rob Lea completed his "Ultimate World Triathlon," where he climbed Everest, swam the English channel and rode his bike across American, all in six months. He did it as a "Tri For Equality," to talk about men's role in advocating for gender equality. He was the 2012 world champion half Ironman in his age group. He's climbed some of the highest mountains in the world. When he's not adventuring, he makes his living selling residential real estate in Park City, UT with his dad, Jim. Rob did one other notable thing in 2019, and that was he got married to me. In this episode, we talk about his athletic achievements, how men can become advocates for gender equality, how we met, and our most embarrassing nicknames for each other. We share training advice for novices and professionals alike and discuss our future goals and dreams. 

To support the Tri For Equality, check out the bigmountaindreamsfoundation.com. To follow Rob on Instagram, check him out at @rob.lea, his website, roblea.com and his real estate, Lea Team Real Estate

Thanks to Rob for being on the Caroline Gleich Show!