[Podcast] Dancing X Running: Find the Flow with A-list Choreographer Viet Dang

Dancing X Running: Find the Flow with A-list Choreographer Viet Dang
July 30th, 2020

This episode's guest is Viet Dang, an internationally known Hip Hop dancer, dance teacher and choreographer. Ethnically Vietnamese and raised in Switzerland, Viet has danced at the Grammy's and for artists such as Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake, among others. He's worked with many artists as a movement coach and has taught professional dancers, artists, actors, and fitness instructors all facets of movement development and principles. 

This is episode 2 of Running Remixed on the Caroline Gleich Show, a special four-part series to showcase how a diverse group of athletes uses running to maximize their training and practice. We'll hear from Viet for about 30 minutes, which is designed to accompany you while you run. Then, we'll turn it over to Don Saladino, one of the most respected trainers in the business. He's trained celebrities such as Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Jake Gyllenhaal, John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, and Hugh Jackman. He's created a short workout inspired by Viet.

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On this episode, we discuss Viet's career teaching dance classes from his start in Switzerland and his move to Los Angeles, CA, his favorite part of being a dancer and choreographer, his affinity for languages (he speaks seven), how dance can contribute to social change, how dance brings people together, what accomplishments he's most proud of, what failures he's made, what he's learn from them, his tips for injury prevention and recovery, a typical day of training, his latest Wushu training, how he maintains freedom of movement, his favorite types of food, how he discovered On, what projects he's working on currently, how he's adapting to the uncertainty of the pandemic, and what he hopes his legacy will be.

After the interview, we get into our body weight and banded workout inspired by Viet. If you'd like to see videos of these workouts, go to www.on-running.com/remixed

This workout is intended to improve overall mobility and core strenght.

Set a timer for 50 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest for each movement. 6 total movements performed in a circuit of 3 rounds total.

1) Thoracic bridges 40/20 reps.

2) Banded monster walks 40/20. 3-5 reps in each direction continuously for 40 seconds.

3) RFESS (rear foot elevated split squats) 40 seconds on 1 leg, 20 seconds off, and then repeat another 40 seconds on the opposite leg with 20 seconds of rest. You will need to elevate your back leg on a chair or step.

4) Band splits 40/20

5) Wall hand stands 40/20. Hold this position at your comfort level. Do not expect to get all 40 seconds. If need be, walk or kick yourself down to reset and catch your breath.

6) Banded hamstring stretch. 40/20 on each leg.

Repeat this workout for a total of 3 rounds. This workout will take 24 minutes.

Follow Viet: https://www.instagram.com/dandangviet/

Follow Don: https://www.donsaladino.com/