[Podcast] Parenthood, climbing and activism with Tommy Caldwell: Episode 14

Parenthood, climbing and activism with Tommy Caldwell: Episode 14
July 6th, 2020

How do male athletes balance parenthood and sport? When did they know they wanted to become fathers? 

I don't often interview male athletes, but I wanted to branch out to add more male voices to the podcast. When I had the opportunity to chat with professional climber Tommy Caldwell, I was really interested in how he is able to balance his professional sport and career with his responsibility as a parent. We discuss his projects, his training, how he's been able to avoid the "dad bod," and his evolution as a climber through parenthood.

I was also very curious about his hair and skincare routine and how he's able to maintain his youthful looks while spending so much time in the sun and on big walls. Then we talk about activism! (In all seriousness, we need to normalize asking men about their hair and skincare routines). 

Tommy has made first ascents of some of the hardest climbing routes in the US and the world. He is a fellow Patagonia ambassador and climate activist. This episode has some great nuggets of wisdom that are applicable to any athletes trying to balance all the aspects of life. 

Huge thanks to Tommy for taking the time and for sharing his activism and adventures with us! 

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