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My email inbox has been blowing up today with news from environmental non-profits that President Trump is close to withdrawing our country from the Paris Climate Agreement. This would be devastating, not just for our snowpack and glaciers, but for air and water quality too. Renewables employ more people in this country than coal and oil combined! This decision would take our country, and the world, backwards. I don't want to see our country lose its place as a leader in the world. What can we do? Join me in calling the White House immediately in one last effort at 202.456.1111 to urge the president to #KeepParis. Spread the word on social media. And if you are in the Washington, D.C., area tomorrow, June 1, please turn out for a 5 p.m. rally at the White House to protest Trump's decision. Rally details below. And stay tuned for details on possible rallies in other cities around the U.S. experiencing the effects of climate change in the Southern Alps of New Zealand this fall. @rob.lea #ActOnClimate

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