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One of my favorite adventures was a girl's road trip with @brooke.froelich and baby Huck to Peekaboo canyon in Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument. Brooke was a new mom at the time, and she continues to impress me in how she merges motherhood and the outdoors. I loved the feeling of working as a team- we navigated a burly 4×4 road to get to the campsite. We set up our tents, slept under a dark sky, woke up, and hiked into this slot canyon, all while taking care of tiny @huckgaynes (and stopping for Brooke to breastfeed along the way)! Looking back, I love how we embraced each challenge without fear. Believe it or not, fear is a powerful force in my life. The outdoors give me an avenue to explore that dark place. Later today I'm heading out on another girl's road trip with @spicinguplife and @katieboue, and I can't wait for the adventures ahead! #3girls1van PS – our national monuments, like this one, are still under threat – if you haven't yet, leave a comment for the @usinterior on why we need to protect these places – personal stories with specific mention of a monument go a long way:

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