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The day I met @uelisteck in the Aiguille Du Midi tram line, he was going speed flying and we were off to climb (and have a mini-epic) on the Vent du Dragon, pictured here. It was only three years ago, but I felt years younger, more bright eyed and blissfully ignorant. The line between fun and tragedy in the alpine is a thin one, and the change happens in the blink of an eye. Ueli was warm and he had a magnetic personality that drew you in. I was star struck, grateful to meet one of my idols. A few short years, many of my heroes from Chamonix are gone. Perished. Swept quickly off the face of the earth, leaving heartbreak that never seems to heal. I think of our fallen friends often, and I see them when I see the birds flying overhead. It is a very sad day for the community. Next week, I am going to return to Cham and I'm filled with fearful anticipation, not for the mountains, but to return without Liz, Dave, Andreas or Ueli there. To all my friends that will be in Cham, I'd love to get together for a visit – let's make plans and raise a glass for Ueli, and find solace and support in community. Sending big hugs and love to all his friends and family and anyone who was inspired by him. Photo: @tom_grant_

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