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This week marks the sixteen year anniversary of the day my half-brother, Martin, died in Stairs Gulch, pictured here. I moved to Utah shortly after he died and that's when I first picked up a copy of @straightchuter's "The Chuting Gallery." I thumbed through it, and at that point I had no backcountry experience. I saw Stairs Gulch, where my Martin died, was one of the ski lines in it. So I instantly had an emotional connection to the book, but it was so out of my frame of reference at that point—something that just existed in my imagination—that it seemed untouchable. But at the same time, every time I drove up into the canyons above Salt Lake, I saw these chutes in front of me.Read more in an interview I did with @backcountrymag – link below and in profile: Special thanks to @iflyheli for helping me see the line from this perspective.

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