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I love snow, ice and glaciers. And I've seen firsthand the effects of climate change in Utah and around the world. Receding glaciers caused by climate change are creating more dangerous conditions on climbing routes. It's also affecting us in Utah- current projections show that if we continue burning fossil fuels at current rates, Utah's mountains will be void of snow by 2100. Instead, we will have a future of rain and flooding. And that is not a future I want.That's why I'm horrified by our current administrations actions, signing the "Energy Independence" executive order, dismantling the clean power plan, opening up public lands to coal leasing and removing requirements for agencies to consider climate change when making federal decisions and much more. We can't afford this set back right now. So what can we do? Two things- check out the link in my profile to some steps @protectourwinters recommends. And prepare to march. Mark your calendar for April 29 and join a People's Climate March near you. #PeoplesClimate #protectourwinters

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