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The fight for Bears Ears is far from over. Today, Peter Metcalf, founder and former CEO of Black Diamond wrote, "We are calling on Herbert, Utah's congressional delegation and other state leaders to drop their efforts to take down Bears Ears National Monument, to gut the Antiquities Act, to transfer our public lands to the states and to gut funding for these monuments, parks and public lands. If they don't, the Outdoor Retailer shows must leave Utah.The Utah delegation has wasted no time in the first days of 2017 to enact their destructive agenda, and now the outdoor industry, too, must respond boldly and unified while we are here in Salt Lake."I've been to almost 20 outdoor retailer shows, over the course of 12+ years. It would break my heart if the @outdoorretailer show left Utah, but I'd put this message before my heart, in terms of importance. Sometimes, you have to make bold moves to make your voice heard. Photo: it takes a community of support. @brooke.froelich and me at the Bears Ears public hearing in Bluff, UT this July, taken by @rob.lea

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