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I've been quieter than usual on social media due to the presence of a persistent bully. These hateful comments leave a mark. I'm a strong person, but after awhile, harassment starts to take a toll. When your bully spends the time to find your phone number and calls to harass you during Thanksgiving dinner, it’s hard to ignore. I know my story is one of many and just the tip of the iceberg. It happens to so many people. I'm tired of being silenced by it and silent about it. I'm taking a stand against cyberbullying.This holiday season- I'm asking you- the @instagram community- to stand with me and fill your interactions online and in person, with love. It's ok to respectfully disagree, but hate, harassment, and bullying is never ok.For anyone who's ever been cyber bullied, I understand the pain and frustration. I've experienced it. It's not right. Let’s take a stand together. Feel the love, spread the love. If you see a hateful comment, call that person out! Let's go beyond deleting and blocking the trolls and support each other. If anyone ever needs someone to stick up for them against a bully online, message me. Together, we can build a community of love, tolerance, and respect.Photo: @louisarevalo

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